Ransomware: Current state or already too late?

28 April 2023

Patrik Honegger has worked in the IT sector since the 1990’s and has specialized in the IT security field since 2000. He joined Check Point in 2001. Since joining Check Point, he has been involved with the full array of company solutions and customer sectors and maintains a deep technological understanding of products and customers’ needs. Patrik has successfully fulfilled roles as Security Engineer, Lead Consultant and Head of Security & Systems Engineering for Alps. He is serving as Customer Advocacy Manager for Central Europe, Member of the Office of the CTO and holds various technical certifications.

In this interview, Patrik Honegger, a Customer Advocacy Manager for Check Point, deep dives into the state of ransomware and recent trends. Discover practical steps for upgrading your ransomware prevention and defense programs to protect against serious and ever-evolving threats. Access expert knowledge and enhance your organization’s security measures.

Overall, security companies are continually evolving their ransomware prevention tools to keep pace with the changing threat landscape. As a result, organizations can benefit from working with their trusted security vendor to stay ahead of the latest threats and to protect their systems from ransomware attacks.

Would you please share a bit about the current state of ransomware?

The current state of ransomware is a very serious threat to individuals, businesses, and critical infrastructures. It is essential to take steps to protect against ransomware, such as the ones that we will discuss a bit later in this article.

Some recent dynamic trends include:

Just to name a few.

How can organizations get more security out of the tools that they already have, if at all?

The best approach will be further optimizing and integrating existing security tools into a comprehensive security strategy. They should focus on consolidation security efforts to better protect against ransomware attacks.

Where should CISOs start in upgrading ransomware prevention and defense programs?

As a CISO, you could initially start upgrading your ransomware prevention and defense programs by:

Overall, ransomware prevention and defense require a multi-layered and comprehensive approach that involves people, processes, and finally technology. As a CISO, it is essential to stay informed about the latest threats and trends in ransomware attacks and to take proactive measures to protect your organization.

What are cyber security companies, like Check Point, doing to improve ransomware prevention tools?

We are continually working to improve our prevention tools to stay ahead of the latest threats. Going into details would extend this interview by a lot, but we concentrate on various angles like:

What are the biggest organizational blind spots when it comes to ransomware?

Communication is also key here. It is important to address these blind spots by implementing comprehensive cyber security policies, regularly training employees on security best practices, assessing and updating security measures, and developing clear incident response plans.

What kinds of questions are customers asking about ransomware right now?

The questions usually vary a bit depending on the industry, size of the organization and on their level of cyber security know-how in general. Questions I usually get include:

It’s crucial for organizations to stay up-to-date on the latest ransomware threats and trends from a technology and informational perspective and to have a proactive approach to preventing and responding to attacks.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with the CyberTalk.org audience?

First, many thanks for again giving me the opportunity sharing my thoughts with you. Cyber security, especially the field of ransomware, is a constant challenge. Personally, I’ve now been part of the Check Point cyber security prevention journey for 22 years. If you’re interested in this specific sector, I highly suggest visiting Check Point’s specialized ransomware information page: https://www.checkpoint.com/ransomware-hub/

Furthermore, as I mentioned in the past in other articles, information security is an endless journey. Your starting point might be well defined, but your arrival is delayed, meaning you need to constantly reevaluate and enhance your security measures, and this is especially true when it comes to ransomware countermeasures.

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