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<a href=""><strong>A Comprehensive Spectrum of Open Ports: A Global Internet Wide Analysis</strong></a><br/>
2024 | Papier de conférence<br/>
This paper explores enhancing user accessibility and experience in cybersecurity by introducing a user-friendly website interface for widely used port scanning tools (Nmap, Unicornscan, RustScan). Conducting global scans on the top 10 million hosts, the study provides valuable insights into open ports, vulnerabilities, and offers a foundation for future security strategies. The integration of this interface aims to make port scanning more accessible, bridging the gap between advanced cybersecurity tools and user-friendly interfaces, ultimately fortifying digital asset protection in an evolving threat landscape.<br/>
<strong>Lieu de la conférence:</strong> San Antonio, TX, USA<br/>
<strong>DOI:</strong> <a href="">10.1109/ISDFS60797.2024.10526469</a><br/>
<strong>WOSUID:</strong> INSPEC:25094254<br/>
<strong>Publié dans:</strong> <a href="">2024 12th International Symposium on Digital Forensics and Security (ISDFS)</a></p>