Scan report for ""

Membership level: Free member
Normal Scan (nmap
Nmap scan report for (
Host is up (0.034s latency).
Other addresses for (not scanned): 240e:926:1:100::5a
Not shown: 836 closed tcp ports (reset)
80/tcp    open  http
81/tcp    open  hosts2-ns
82/tcp    open  xfer
84/tcp    open  ctf
85/tcp    open  mit-ml-dev
88/tcp    open  kerberos-sec
89/tcp    open  su-mit-tg
90/tcp    open  dnsix
443/tcp   open  https
444/tcp   open  snpp
800/tcp   open  mdbs_daemon
808/tcp   open  ccproxy-http
843/tcp   open  unknown
888/tcp   open  accessbuilder
1024/tcp  open  kdm
1028/tcp  open  unknown
1029/tcp  open  ms-lsa
1058/tcp  open  nim
1080/tcp  open  socks
1082/tcp  open  amt-esd-prot
1088/tcp  open  cplscrambler-al
1117/tcp  open  ardus-mtrns
1433/tcp  open  ms-sql-s
1443/tcp  open  ies-lm
1717/tcp  open  fj-hdnet
1723/tcp  open  pptp
1863/tcp  open  msnp
1935/tcp  open  rtmp
2000/tcp  open  cisco-sccp
2001/tcp  open  dc
2002/tcp  open  globe
2003/tcp  open  finger
2020/tcp  open  xinupageserver
2033/tcp  open  glogger
2323/tcp  open  3d-nfsd
3000/tcp  open  ppp
3001/tcp  open  nessus
3011/tcp  open  trusted-web
3013/tcp  open  gilatskysurfer
3031/tcp  open  eppc
3052/tcp  open  powerchute
4002/tcp  open  mlchat-proxy
4003/tcp  open  pxc-splr-ft
4343/tcp  open  unicall
4443/tcp  open  pharos
4445/tcp  open  upnotifyp
4899/tcp  open  radmin
5000/tcp  open  upnp
5001/tcp  open  commplex-link
5002/tcp  open  rfe
5003/tcp  open  filemaker
5004/tcp  open  avt-profile-1
5009/tcp  open  airport-admin
5030/tcp  open  surfpass
5080/tcp  open  onscreen
5100/tcp  open  admd
5101/tcp  open  admdog
5200/tcp  open  targus-getdata
5222/tcp  open  xmpp-client
5280/tcp  open  xmpp-bosh
5555/tcp  open  freeciv
5566/tcp  open  westec-connect
5678/tcp  open  rrac
5718/tcp  open  dpm
5850/tcp  open  unknown
6000/tcp  open  X11
6001/tcp  open  X11:1
6002/tcp  open  X11:2
6003/tcp  open  X11:3
6005/tcp  open  X11:5
6009/tcp  open  X11:9
6580/tcp  open  parsec-master
6666/tcp  open  irc
6692/tcp  open  unknown
6699/tcp  open  napster
7000/tcp  open  afs3-fileserver
7001/tcp  open  afs3-callback
7002/tcp  open  afs3-prserver
7004/tcp  open  afs3-kaserver
7070/tcp  open  realserver
7100/tcp  open  font-service
7200/tcp  open  fodms
7201/tcp  open  dlip
7443/tcp  open  oracleas-https
7777/tcp  open  cbt
7778/tcp  open  interwise
7800/tcp  open  asr
7920/tcp  open  unknown
8000/tcp  open  http-alt
8001/tcp  open  vcom-tunnel
8002/tcp  open  teradataordbms
8007/tcp  open  ajp12
8008/tcp  open  http
8009/tcp  open  ajp13
8010/tcp  open  xmpp
8011/tcp  open  unknown
8021/tcp  open  ftp-proxy
8022/tcp  open  oa-system
8031/tcp  open  unknown
8042/tcp  open  fs-agent
8080/tcp  open  http-proxy
8081/tcp  open  blackice-icecap
8082/tcp  open  blackice-alerts
8083/tcp  open  us-srv
8084/tcp  open  websnp
8085/tcp  open  unknown
8086/tcp  open  d-s-n
8087/tcp  open  simplifymedia
8088/tcp  open  radan-http
8089/tcp  open  unknown
8090/tcp  open  opsmessaging
8093/tcp  open  unknown
8099/tcp  open  unknown
8100/tcp  open  xprint-server
8180/tcp  open  unknown
8181/tcp  open  intermapper
8200/tcp  open  trivnet1
8222/tcp  open  unknown
8383/tcp  open  m2mservices
8443/tcp  open  https-alt
8500/tcp  open  fmtp
8800/tcp  open  sunwebadmin
8888/tcp  open  sun-answerbook
8899/tcp  open  ospf-lite
9000/tcp  open  cslistener
9001/tcp  open  tor-orport
9002/tcp  open  dynamid
9003/tcp  open  unknown
9009/tcp  open  pichat
9010/tcp  open  sdr
9011/tcp  open  d-star
9040/tcp  open  tor-trans
9050/tcp  open  tor-socks
9071/tcp  open  unknown
9080/tcp  open  glrpc
9081/tcp  open  cisco-aqos
9090/tcp  open  zeus-admin
9091/tcp  open  xmltec-xmlmail
9099/tcp  open  unknown
9100/tcp  open  jetdirect
9101/tcp  open  jetdirect
9102/tcp  open  jetdirect
9110/tcp  open  unknown
9200/tcp  open  wap-wsp
9207/tcp  open  wap-vcal-s
9500/tcp  open  ismserver
9502/tcp  open  unknown
9900/tcp  open  iua
9944/tcp  open  unknown
9998/tcp  open  distinct32
9999/tcp  open  abyss
10000/tcp open  snet-sensor-mgmt
10001/tcp open  scp-config
10002/tcp open  documentum
10003/tcp open  documentum_s
10004/tcp open  emcrmirccd
10566/tcp open  unknown
12345/tcp open  netbus
15000/tcp open  hydap
20000/tcp open  dnp
20005/tcp open  btx
50000/tcp open  ibm-db2
55555/tcp open  unknown
58080/tcp open  unknown

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 5.86 seconds
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10 Jun 2024 10:32
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