Port Scan Commands

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Banner grabber (Nmap)

The "nmap --script banner" command is a feature in the popular network scanning tool called Nmap. It allows users to gather banner information from target systems during a scan. Banners are pieces of information sent by the target system when a connection is established, typically containing details about the running services or applications.

When the "nmap --script banner" command is executed, Nmap initiates a scan that not only identifies open ports but also captures the banners sent by the services running on those ports. This information can be helpful in determining the specific versions of services or applications that are running, which can assist in vulnerability assessment and further security analysis.

The script used by Nmap to retrieve banner information is called "banner.nse" (Network Scripting Engine). It leverages various techniques to extract the banners, such as sending specific requests to the target service and analyzing the response.

By using the "nmap --script banner" command, users can obtain valuable information about the target system's services and their versions. This can aid in identifying outdated or vulnerable software, thereby assisting in the mitigation of potential security risks.

It's worth noting that when using banner grabbing techniques, it's important to adhere to legal and ethical boundaries. Ensure you have proper authorization and respect the privacy and security policies of the systems you are scanning.

nmap --script banner [target]

[target]: Is you Domain host name or IP